Places visited Activities done Watched Pending list
Stanford University, SF Powered Parachute, Dubai MJ one, Cirque du soleil – Mandalay Bay, Vegas Grand slam match
Golden gate bridge, SF Scooba dive, Andamans Tarantino musical, LA Man Utd game
Statue of Liberty, NY Paraglide solo, Kamshet 2014 football finals at MGM, Vegas F1 race
Times Square, NY Skydive, Vegas David Copperfield at MGM, Vegas Test match outside India
2101 Waverley Street, SF Alcatraz tour, SF Blueman group, Chicago Clapton live
Jack Daniel’s distillery, Lynchberg Bulls game, Chicago 4th of July fireworks, San Diego Cross country drive (any country)
Hollywood walk of fame, LA Poker in Vegas Vallangi Nenmara Vela, Palakkad Drive a Superbike/ Supercar
Central Park, NY Phleger estate solo hike, SF Nehru Boat race, Alappuzha Learn to swim
Used Wesson and Smith 0.22 handgun at Nashville Armory Red hot chili peppers at the Jazz fest, Nola Learn to play a musical instrument
Drive on Highway one Sting live, Bangalore Spot the Big Five in the wild
Solo drive – 1000 kms, Bangalore to Bombay Blue whale (/Dolphin) watching, Sri Lanka
10 days trip with absolute strangers, Delhi, Rishikesh, Kasauli, Kasol, Mcleodganj
Sand Dune bashing, Dubai
Run (/raise money) for a cause, Dream A Dream – Bangalore 10k
Mental night (mental enough to not mention the details) at New Orleans
Reverse Bungee, Singapore