Do you know a parent worried about their child’s screen addiction? Or someone hassled about keeping their high-energy kid engaged? Guess you’ll know many of them.

Parenting today isn’t easy. Neither is growing up. When all your friends talk about the latest online games they played and a gadget is within easy reach, resisting the temptation is difficult. Doubly so, if hanging out needs a touch-screen. And all this, before you turn 10.

What can we do about it (apart from venting out)? 

Restrict screen time, yes. How about also giving them an alternative, a way to have fun without a gadget? Like playing a sport. Picking up a new hobby. Listening to a story. Or discovering something about the world and their own selves.

Sounds good. But how?

NanuSphere (N.S) – a digital detox with a twist. It’s simple, fun, interactive, and designed to help your children enjoy a variety of activities. Mostly outdoors. Football, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, lagori, kho-kho (remember those good old days?)… we’ll also throw in a sketching session, a storytelling session or a photography walk-through to keep it interesting.

Right. What’s the programme like? 

Well, it’s play time. So, we’d like to keep it free flowing with just a few guidelines:

  • An hour of fun.
  • Two evenings a week. (A third evening’s possible – see the ‘fit outs’ section.)
  • New activity every session; repetition only after a while.
  • Group sessions only. (Unless it’s for ‘fit outs’.)
  • Fun and safe.

Sandeep Nanu, the guy who likely knows your kids more than he knows you. Lives in H8, FootPrints. Brand and Communications consultant by profession ( The sports star India missed having. Has as many friends in the 2-12 age group as in the nearly-40 category.

Hmmm. Any real qualification to do this? Like experience as a sports coach or in child psychology? 

Nothing that grand or formal. Else, he’d be running a stiff, regimented academy; not a friendly N.S. He’s a responsible adult and a die-hard sports fan with a zest for life. You may have seen him around in different sports costumes in the neighbourhood.

So, you’ll keep our kids engaged for two hours a week? 

Yes. In the process, they might pick up a new skill or two. Learn something like team work and fair play. Though, that’s just the good-if-it-happens stuff. N.S is about enjoying the digital detox.

What else?

There’s ‘fit-outs’.

What’s that? Like a trial room?

Exactly. But for sports. Many children get pushed into learning a sport they don’t have an aptitude for. They quit soon or just grow up to dislike it. That’s time, money, and potential wasted.

‘Fit-outs’ are once-a-week sessions to test whether your child enjoys a particular sport. Bring him/ her here before enrolling them in the cricket camp. Or football class. Let them go berserk with the bat. Or kick the ball a few times. If they like it, take them to the academy. If they don’t… we just saved you some hardship.

Is there an age limit? 

This is best suited for children above 6 years. No upper limit so to speak.

What else should we know before signing up?

N.S is more like a picnic than a sit-down dinner. More like getting your children to hang out with a fun bunch at GoodEarth Malhar, than come home from class, armed with medals. Let’s build this relationship on trust and values, than on great expectations.

What about costs and can we continue this conversation one-on-one?

Let’s discuss this over a cuppa? Of course. Please email or call +91 9886 1234 80.