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Sweet Nothings

By April 30, 2011May 6th, 2014Travel

By Dipti Dayal

My heart fluttered wildly as I walked through the pathway leading to the beach, a much awaited holiday was delayed because of bad weather but I was finally here and I could not wait to see the beach. As I reached the brink and turned back to see the narrowing pathway behind me, I noticed that I had paid no attention to the huge trees with branches intertwined that it formed a canopy and beneath these trees were small shrubs with flowers in colors I had never seen before and then I turned around and in front of me was the famous Radhanagar Beach.

I had read so much about this beach before I embarked on my holiday but it surpassed my expectation, the thing I liked the most was that it was not bustling with activity no shacks, no vendors selling snacks or no water sports. I sat on a branch that was swept ashore by the waves and almost looked like a bench. Paradise I thought, I felt ecstatic and in my mind I had made this place my friend and people who know me well know that am a bit of a recluse. And without wasting anymore time I took a swim in the ocean.

The weather was just beginning to clear-up I thought and then the first drops of rain fell I wanted to see the view of the ocean in the rain so I quickly got out wrapped myself in a beach towel and sat down to enjoy the view, but it was impossible to sit back and watch I just had to embrace the ocean.

I spent the next three days of my trip with my new friend and a part of me is still there.


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