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Super Sunday! Well, thats what I thought it would be.

By May 2, 2011July 29th, 2013Leisure

Started the day early as most Sundays, for a match against the ITI boys. Having put into bat first, we had a slow and steady start. I went in 5 down with 4 overs to go and the score at 67. As I have been doing consistently in the last few matches, sent a few over the boundary and we reached a respectable 108 in 15. Thought it will be a walk in the park, since we’ve beaten the same team 6 times out of the last 7 games. Madhu had other plans for us, he played an absolute blinder scoring an unbeaten 54 off just 22 balls and they reached our target with 4 overs to spare.

After the regular appam and egg curry at Khaayal with the boys, Dips and me headed for lunch and movie with friends. Lunch – at Millers 46 and would you believe it, it was my first time there? Rummaged through a tough Texas T-bone steak before heading to fun cinemas.

Movie – Source code. Good movie. But loads of loop-holes and certainly did not live up to the ratings it got.

Met family at basavangudi and headed for the all important Devils Vs Gunners game at Man U bar.

Fantastic experience with some crazy Devil’s fans. But much to our disappointment Aaron Ramsey chose to kick a winner and reduce our point difference with Chelsea to just 3.

So, not such a ‘super’ sunday as such but most entertaining in the recent past. Looking forward to the next one with a thriller on the card against Chelsea.


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  • Carol says:

    How’s the T-bone steak at Millers? We were just talking about it last night. Bryan had one at Chamomile and we were wondering if Millers was better. I can’t tell from your “rummaging” but it looks nice. Apparently its best had when it is cooked rare to medium. Otherwise it gets really tough.

    • sandeepnanu says:

      Zigzactly Carol. Think there was a communication gap. I said “I will have a Texas T-bone steak”, he replied “Well done” and I said “Thank you” :))

      Yeah, it was swalpa tough. But not too bad.

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