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Half century with half a back.

By June 29, 2011Leisure

After having pulled a back muscle while playing tennis last week, was not really planning to play cricket over the weekend. Since the kit was in my car, got PD to pick me up in the morning thinking I might just watch the match.

Deciding to bat first on a reduced play of 12 overs, we were struggling at 36 for 4 in the 6th over. Virkant asked me if I could go in and swing a few. Against odds, went in the seventh over Guru was bowling and defended the last 3 deliveries to just play him out. Score after 7 overs, remained at 36.

Decided to launch in the 8th over bowled by Joel and before we knew I had cleaned the ropes 7 times to reach a hard-hitting half century in probably just 15 balls. Got out trying to clear one more in the last over but by then the damage had been done – to the score and to my back.

We finished at 109 at the end of 12 and won it by 15 runs. Felt good to have played this knock but definitely not happy with the back. So resting this week again after consulting the doc. Hopefully will be fit enough to play the following weekend.


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