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You are not a true FBite, if you do not follow any of the following!

By February 1, 2012NanuSense

You are not a true FBite, if you do not follow any of the following!
  1. Its mandatory to say “Aaaaaww, chooo cute” to ‘My princess/prince’s’ pic. Regardless of how the new born actually looks.
  2. To a pic posted from absolutely any location in the world, ask “Did you try the oven roasted chicken with country vegetables in a reduced honey dijon glaze over long grain white rice?” to make sure everyone knows you’ve been there done that.
  3. The moment Manchester United loses a football match, log on to FB (even if you haven’t for the last few months) to say “Ha, in your face losers”. Add “YNWA” if you want to show even more hatred. No, you don’t need to be a Liverpool fan for this.
  4. Once in a while, post a vague status message like “Didn’t expect this” expecting sympathetic (or pathetic) comments.
  5. Celebrate International cousin’s uncle’s sisters’ husband’s week by posting a message for them at least for a day. Don’t forget to rub it into people who may not re-post this beautiful message.
  6. It’s a must, complete must, to say “You guys look perfect for each other” for a couple’s pic.
  7. If you don’t have anything original and funny to say, quickly go through
  8. Start an unrelated conversation on a pic that was posted a year ago, just because it popped up in the feed.
  9. Remove the ‘via’ text while reposting to make it look like you were the firstest to share it.
  10. You are so awesome that you ‘Like’ your own status message.

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