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This mail pretty much sums up my stint at one of the best NGOs I have been associated with.

Dearest Sandeep Nanu.

The last 17 months at Dream A Dream would not have been the same without you!! You brought life to the communications department at Dream A Dream.
I cant even count the number of times i have bugged you for each of these :-
  • How do I open the website ?
  • Please read and edit this mail for me
  • Please proof read this
  • Does this poster look fine?
  • Is this post on FB good enough?
  • Please come up with a title for this campaign
  • Please run for Dream A Dream
  • Please donate
  • Please raise funds for Dream A Dream
  • Please edit this and make it beautiful
  • Please drop us to the nearest ice cream parlour
  • Please come up with a campaign
  • Please get all your friends and family to donate and slowly but steadily lose all your friends  so you end up hanging out only with people from Dream A Dream
  • Please take us for lunch
  • Please convert the format of this file
  • You actually beat KAM? How could you?
  • Please make
  • Please make AWESOME
  • Please take a picture of us and make us look like we graduated
  • Is this how its done?
  • Why am I so lost?
  • How do you spell this word?
  • What does ‘young people’ really mean?
  • and of course, UNLOCK A SMILE …now…and some more…and more…:D

Make sure you keep your phone on LOUD! I will be calling you AGAIN, for all of the above .

I got only one thing to say in Mallu style…Aiyo Nanu pogalle!

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