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Five sure shot indicators that my prime is behind me.

  1. “What’s up dude?” sometimes gets the reply “Not much, uncle”.
  2. “Mixing drinks” these days mean whether to add soda or water or coke to my whiskey.
  3. When someone asks me “Why did you delete your FB profile?”, my reply starts with “Today’s generation…”
  4. I am not excited about a beta version of iOS and quickly roll back to the previous version.
  5. My barber after a haircut asks “Color karoon?”. The same guy who had once asked “Sir, mein aapko spice karoon?” (referring to spiking).
    How I wish I turned into Bane and replied – “I will burn Smart Guy Men’s parlour (Even if you have diverse business offerings), then you will have my permission to dye”.



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