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Newsletter un-subscription

Most newsletters are spam and they have decided to mail you when you haven’t really subscribed for it. When you click on the unsubscribe link in the mail, rather than taking you off the list, they have these bunch of questions wanting to know the reason. Am pretty sure we’d like to see this as one of the options here. “We are a bunch of idiots for sending you a newsletter without your consent”

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 9.29.40 AM

Squiggles to confirm you are human

Are you human? No. Not really. If I can read this, I cannot be human.


Compulsory fields in a form

Apart from your name and the obvious mail ID to spam later (Refer to point number 1), when I see * Required, for most of the fields in a form, I prefer typing ******

National restrictions

There are compelling legal reasons why some online content like copyrighted events footage, which is sold on different terms to many national broadcasters – has to be nation-specific. But in an era of free-speech, free this, free that, free alcohol (you wish), it comes as a shocker to be told that you cannot watch a video because of where you live.


Choosing a secure password

I get that they want to ensure I have a safe password. But what’s with the – must have minimum 8 characters, one in uppercase, one special character, one alpha-numeral, no two same letters next to each other ($andeeP1234 is also out).
Am waiting for – one letter from your great grandfather’s pet’s name, one drop of blood, one shot of tequila to be added to make it even more secure.


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