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The wretched the blue screen of death. I mean, blue coloured messaging.

There are millions of us who’ve upgraded to the shiny new iOS7 and there are possibly zillions of articles with titles such as “10 new things you didn’t know iOS7 could do”. And a few others who are so not happy with the upgrade. What none of them will tell you is one extremely silly thing our boys at Apple have either over-looked or just plain decided that plain text messages are so 2000 and late! (Thanks Fergie).

textRemember the infamous “Send as Text Message” when iMessages failed to get delivered? Well, that option ain’t there anymore. I have a friend/client who’s iMessage work erratically and till yesterday I’d send him an iMessage (since there was no option to forcefully send as text at the first instance) and then long press the message to resend the same as “text message” a.k.a SMS, our long dead loyal friend.

With iOS7, on long press, you either can copy the message or on clicking on ‘More…’, you can forward it to another number.

So officially, I have no way to send a text to this friend and possibly to some more to whom sometimes iMessages does not get delivered.

Apple should seriously consider dropping iMessage as a feature as it fails to make sense even more now. Will  “BBM for all” solve the issue of hassle-free messaging, if not already solved by Whatsapp?


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