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1. Honda – The cog. One of the most critically acclaimed ads done over a decade ago, still makes you wonder the precision behind making this.

2. Porche – Dare to dream. The fact that most of us dream of owning one at some point, couldn’t have captured better.

3. Subaru – Father and daughter. Has to be the cutest of the lot. Again, capturing the essence of a safe car and targeting parents brilliantly.

4. Mini – Countryman. For this 60-second adventure MINI used dramatic new methods in CG technology to show the versatility of the MINI Countryman in a way that defies the laws of space and time.

5. Volkswagen – The dog strikes back. The dream work-out gets the dog ahead Superbowl 2012!

Bonus ad – The latest #GoodToBeBad from Jaguar 🙂


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