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Of late, I’ve been thinking about life. About everything – people, things, materialism, democracy…well, you get the drift.

While at it, human emotions are something I have tried to view with a microscope. To make things simpler, lets just say there are broadly two extremes to it – Happy and Sad. For some, the range between these two emotions is quite small. Hence, the reason to be either needs to be a good one. While for others, the range is so wide, you dont need too much of a reason to swing from one to another.

I fall in the second category. So, a normal day can become out-the-mind-blowing-standing faster than Usain Bolt. Unfortunately the negative state works the same too. While I have been a firm believer of not easily categorising anything into right or wrong, I have been trying to figure this one out.

Which is better? Do I need to change this? I have tried sharing this with people. And by sharing it, try to help others through it, or at least help myself. I claim no grandeur conclusions. In fact, at times am not even sure if I have understood anything clearly.

But what I do have is that everyone is asking the same question, in different forms, and perhaps all we need to do is to feel whatever we are feeling with a lot of conviction. Right or wrong, happy or sad is secondary.

All I’m trying is a sincere effort to exchange and learn from others; and what makes me happy is that others are also trying to find answers. And perhaps, eventually, something will come out of it.

Until I get something strong out of it, back to the microscope.


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