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Life…has its way of throwing lemons. Thank god am not dyslexic, the melons would’ve hurt. And, since making lemonade aint my strength, more often than not, I feel my belief system gets all the beating.

The lemons here are the changes life brings. Contrary to what I claim about how I cannot do the same thing for a long period of time and I love change, I am a sucker for consistency. The plot thickens when the change is about relationships.

Now, is it THAT difficult to be consistent in a relationship?

To get to the root of my ridiculous argument, let’s define relationships. Oxford says “the way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.”

Magic words – state of being.

Time out. Question time.

Does what you feel, what you need to be, what you promised you will be to another person alter this ‘state of being’ because of the lame reason we all seem to come up with time and again – “things changed”?

I believe (some of you may think otherwise), I try and be consistent in relationships, regardless of the different lemons being thrown at me at different instances. The essence of my relationship with one person, does not change when I have new friends, someone dies, I move cities (I haven’t yet actually), I get married, I take up a new hobby, my work load increases or any other such “life changing” experiences.

Boiling this down to how I have seen people prioritise relationships, I sometimes wonder if I make any sense at all. I have said this before and I say it again, there are no rights or wrongs in a relationship. They are, after all subjective and based on one’s social conditioning. But, what you share with one person cannot be based on what you share with another.

Lost the plot? Alrighty then, straight down to the million dollar question.

Do you prioritize your relationships according to a certain social hierarchy? For instance, is your relationship with your husband/wife more important than your best friend from kindergarten?

Or, are you one of those souls I have been searching for all my life…The one who treats each relationship with the same care, same promise, same every damn thing you promised when you decided this person is important to you regardless of what happens/happened next?


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