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Let me bring you up to speed about people and perception. I know nothing. You are now up to speed.

I just got a fridge magnet done of one of my sketches and while admiring it on my refrigerator, my maid walked in. Sitting at home for over a month, I’d strike up a conversation at the drop of a hat with absolutely anyone. So, I decided to explain to Radha, my newfound hobby. Told her I sketched it. And then came the most difficult part. How do I explain the device I used to sketch this?

And I tried. For the last time in my life.

“Anda chinna, periya, computer madiri ippidi ippidi pannrudu…(very stupidly showing a couple of finger swipes in the air)”.

She replied “iPad ah?”

How easily we assume things about another person. No?

Anyway, my biggest perception issue has been about the corporate people with company values such as “respect the individual” and other such lame lines. Let me tell you a secret. They don’t know a thing about respecting another human being. Will stop about them here before I slip into the classic melancholy tone that I seem to have gotten used to.

On the other hand, having helped a number of start-ups in the past and considering I have been in a start-up mode for over a decade myself, I have extended assistance to quite a few start-ups without really keeping my bottom lines in mind.

Even those, when you tell them (after spending time trying to figure out what’s good for them) “Really sorry, we can’t help you at this point, let me know what you are looking at and see if we can put you across to someone else”. A thank you reply (for the time spent without any cost attached) is all that I expect.

You perceive these people to understand basic courtesy.

Very few do.

As for the rest who don’t, my reply to your non-reply is an imitation of the winning celebration of Usain Bolt and Mo Farah put-together a couple of times. I need that much of work-out these days anyway. A win win. Yay!

Time my perception about people turned a few degrees around.


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