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I didn’t know you. I didn’t know if you liked flowers. I didn’t know if you liked the smell of mud when it rained. I didn’t know if you looked after your little sister or if you hid under your blanket when there was thunder and lightning. I didn’t know if you counted till 100 when your friends went to hide. I didn’t know you. I didn’t know if you had a crush in school. I didn’t know what made you charged up to play basketball. I didn’t know if you wanted to be a dancer or an astronaut.

I also never knew how many trees filled up the amazon. I didn’t know if stars were really people looking at us from a far away land. I didn’t know a whole lot not too long ago. May be it was your laugh, and how it would break off unexpectedly like an avalanche making everyone else smile. I knew how you liked your music from classic rock to even mindless rap. I knew how you hated the ’Selfie’ song. I knew how you liked your beer – in a bucket. I knew what fitness meant to you, making me sweat in my ‘little machine’. I knew how mental you were about cricket and how you hated it when I missed an all important match against our arch rivals.

May be it was the fact that I never met a girl who qualified as a ‘dude’. May be it was the fact that you were as weird as I was, that I didn’t know I had met a partner in crime. A partner who would down 18 whiskeys with me on a Monday evening. A partner who comes into your life like a thunder storm, and I’ve always loved the rain.

Now, I miss the noise when it rains.

Now, when I look up, I know they are not just stars.

Now, I miss you more than ever.


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