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Before you read/ view the video, scroll all the way down to “About Nanu” section. Check the second point.

I wrote this ‘about me’ section over 10 years ago which explains why it doesn’t have my latest hobbies/ interests such as Card-tricks, Bird photography or Snake rescues. Yes, while I have followed stand-up comedy all along, I have always wanted to try it myself. From my really bad PJs to my fake mallu accent podcasts to hosting a well known comic, Shankar Chugani…its been a long ride.

Ever since I’ve been actively involved with Courtyard Koota, I’ve been meaning to have some stand-up comedy at Malhar. A quick chat with Brikesh at Adda lead us to contacting Shunky who was kind enough to come and perform for us. We had a packed auditorium of close to 100 people (including us) and boy did we have fun.

Not just that, we have officially launched a comedy club here called Malhar Laugh Club and have more such events lined up. I did my first ever official set of about 9 minutes and really had a good time doing it. In Shunky’s words, it was like a drug high 🙂

Here’s a short 3 minute clip of my fav language mix-up incidents.



About Nanu

Communication specialist, wannabe stand-up comedian, sports maniac, music freak, gadget aficionado, movie enthusiast, biriyani addict (If it wasn’t for this 5 letter domain, mostly would've gone with

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